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Isn’t it nice to hear what you want to hear?

Various notes on “third-culture kids” and Interaction International: “We are excited about who TCKs are and about their potential. TCKs are a rapidly growing people group in today’s world. Each year, more families are raising their children outside of their … Continue reading

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Nice architecture, nice atmosphere

A couple of potential trailers… Spot-on building design. Fêtes. Neat flags on wire. “The grounding of planes had itself taken on the smudgy, irritated quality of the skies which created it, as the long-haul lines, the jugular of the school … Continue reading

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The definition of a Lovemark is a product, service or entity that inspires Loyalty Beyond Reason.

“There’s every chance you have a number of Lovemarks in your life. Products, restaurants, holiday destinations, musicians, radio stations, TV shows, writers, artists, sports teams, breeds of dog. Just a few of the entities that have the potential to be … Continue reading

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Soft power is the power to attract “The frontline of the battle for men’s minds is clearly drawn. The British Council and the BBC World Service share joint top billing on the UK government’s inventory of cultural diplomacy assets. Both are widely regarded as ‘soft power’, … Continue reading

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^ click I thought about it at Tiananmen, watching the zou zi screens, thin little digital displays that are everywhere here, enough pixels to represent characters with only slightly jagged edges, ‘walking’ past in bright yellow on the typical black … Continue reading

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… And Now

“Are you ready?” He clambered along the sofa to be right next to Paul. “And remember, I’ve been teaching EFL for years and years. The thing about EFL, or ESL or EAL or whatever a particular school wants to call … Continue reading

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The Good Old Days…

Like many other EFL teachers, we spent much of our time overseas under the auspices of The British Council, a body created in 1934 and given a Royal Charter in 1940. The Council is Britain’s principal agency for cultural relations … Continue reading

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