How to Play (2)

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He hadn’t beaten the computer with any consistency, and that was just some flash game, hardly Deep Blue, just a bank of set moves he couldn’t get past, the simulation of something with tactical awareness and the detection of all the slow – religious – undertones of positional vulnerability, and he had never got close to that, only lucky three times in what was supposed to be a game of skill. Not gambling like in Dou Dizhu, not tempting fate and chasing hands, he could do that, and enjoy it, and the game was easy, really, it wasn’t some ignorant foreigner out of his comfort zone in a centuries-old park with a name like Temple of the Sun against some wise sage with all the centuries of native wit and the ground-out father-to-son matches spanning down generations in the cover of the hutongs while the century tore up the outside and hell raged, with chess the only source of discipline and wisdom and family love – this was him in a pessimistic mood.

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