The definition of a Lovemark is a product, service or entity that inspires Loyalty Beyond Reason.

“There’s every chance you have a number of Lovemarks in your life. Products, restaurants, holiday destinations, musicians, radio stations, TV shows, writers, artists, sports teams, breeds of dog. Just a few of the entities that have the potential to be someone’s Lovemark.

You don’t just like them. You love them. Unconditionally. You really care about them and they’re major priorities in your life. They make you feel that way because they’re mysterious, sensual and intimate. Something mere brands simply are not. When you’re shopping, you search out your Lovemarks, accepting no substitutes.”

I came across this through messing around with a machine translation of 盛世

This is the original title of Chan Koonchung’s novel The Fat Years, which I’ve reviewed here. But it turns out that it’s also the Chinese brand name for Saatchi and Saatchi, which I thought was a nice irony.

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