Nice architecture, nice atmosphere

A couple of potential trailers…

Spot-on building design. Fêtes. Neat flags on wire.

“The grounding of planes had itself taken on the smudgy, irritated quality of the skies which created it, as the long-haul lines, the jugular of the school for the majority, refused to flow in what was only a pause, only frustrating and cholesteroled. The children felt it, unmentioned but evident in the guts of their parents and teachers equally, and knew not to talk much about it, the annoyance of something so distant and so minor, the temporary snip of their channels of movement and expression, and the occasional departure and arrival, when permitted. The outer world seemed to have lost, for a few weeks, its cosmopolitanism, that sense of strings of multicoloured flags fluttering strung up in front of large buildings, e.g. hotels.”

More interiors

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Add a couple more to make your post easier for others to discover. Some suggestions: http www youtube, cosmopolitanism, parents and teachers, jugular, and departure and arrival.

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2 Responses to Nice architecture, nice atmosphere

  1. One Monkey says:

    these videos are pretty scary. like the writing tho

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