Currently reading

Amitav GhoshThe Glass Palace. Nineteenth and twentieth century reimagining of Burmese and Indian history, with long descriptions of the harvest and trade of teak, oil, rubber, and so on, which are both beautifully written and pretty terrifying.

Juan Goytisolo – Coto Vedado (Forbidden Territory, although I’m not sure that’s the ideal translation). Memoir which is so far mostly about the impact of the Guerra Civil on his childhood in Barcelona and around, and his genealogical ties to plantation owners. Occasional chapters of oneiric prose-poems, a kind of writer-porn.

Robert Phillipson – Linguistic Imperialism. The endless upwards march of English as a world language. Cadres in each country paying for their lessons and remaining aloof from the ‘rest’. The foundation of the British Council and the ELT industry.

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