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Reasons to hate the Olympics, 4: Beijing 2008

Throughout the last decade people have been being evicted from housing in Beijing to make way for construction projects with little compensation, often accompanied by threats of violence. The Olympics was no exception to this, with UNESCO estimating that 580,000 … Continue reading

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Reasons to hate the Olympics 3: the destruction of East London

A huge amount of common land (football pitches, allotments, public paths) has been appropriated for the Olympic Games, especially around Hackney and Tower Hamlets. In keeping with the spirit of the whole project, this has been accompanied by an increased … Continue reading

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Reasons to hate the Olympics 2: weapons

A so-called Rapier missile launcher on Blackheath, London. A photo of the “Starstreak” missiles installed on residential flats in Bow, from Brian Whelan’s website. It seems to have perversely become part of the Olympics branding to insist that the Games … Continue reading

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Reasons to hate the Olympics, 1: the media

First in what could be a conceivably endless series of posts on the smell of bullshit floating around the Olympic Games. Exhibit A is this shockingly inept piece of journalism from the Guardian, who a few months ago decided it … Continue reading

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My Revolutions

Hari Kunzru’s My Revolutions has as its narrator an ex-militant radical leftist who was once involved in the Angry Brigade bombing campaign (which targeted banks, embassies and the houses of Tory MPs). It is set, however, in 1998, a generously … Continue reading

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Eye hunters

“After the 29M demonstration in Barcelona it seems that amongst the riot police (Mossos) there is at least one officer gunning for eyes.”

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