Reasons to hate the Olympics 2: weapons

A so-called Rapier missile launcher on Blackheath, London.

A photo of the “Starstreak” missiles installed on residential flats in Bow, from Brian Whelan’s website.

It seems to have perversely become part of the Olympics branding to insist that the Games are an irresistable terrorist target. Conveniently this also justifies the installation of expensive, UK-manufactured weapons systems in the heart of East London. The cost of security for the event as a whole will be more than £500 million.

There will also be some kind of sonic cannon employed, fresh from its use in Iraq. The banally named Long Range Acoustic Device can transmit hails or simply pain over a distance, and up close can register a deafening 150db.

Here is a video of Brian Whelan confronting an MoD official outside a Bow tower block.

According to his Twitter status he has been told that his tenancy is being terminated, though whether this investigation has anything to do with it or whether it’s simply in order to rent the property out at tourist prices I don’t know.

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2 Responses to Reasons to hate the Olympics 2: weapons

  1. calum says:

    i live in blackheath, when they shoot down the planes they will land on my house. still, why miss an opportunity to hand BAE a big fat corporate welfare check? have you heard anything about advertising/what you can and cannot sell in Olympic zones. heard some rumors but dont know anything concrete

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