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On Hiatus

This blog will remain as it is for the foreseeable future. I’m working on my next book, and not feeling given to dreaming up short snippets of thought to publish right this second. The reader is directed to any of … Continue reading

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Mo Yan wins the Nobel Prize

I’ve had hundreds and hundreds of page views in the last week, mostly looking at my two pages mentioning Mo Yan: A review of Garlic Ballads With reference to the London Book Fair Some reading by better-informed commentators can be … Continue reading

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And to smooth it all out

“The UK Border Agency has disclosed that it is working on plans for fast-track passport lanes for rich travellers at Heathrow and other British airports so it can avoid a repeat of the two-hour queues witnessed this year. Brian Moore, … Continue reading

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Although… Jump it! Fly!

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More on School and Travel

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Dublinesca, by Enrique Vila-Matas This book was recently published in English as Dublinesque. I didn’t think much of this book, and the only reason I’m going to write about it a little is that certain comments about the role of … Continue reading

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Reasons to hate the Olympics, 5: An orgy of advertising

Much more has been written about this elsewhere (I’m going to link to some relevant articles), but some points are worth reiterating and compiling: The Olympic Games are an advertiser’s wet dream, because: 1. The Olympic Act makes provision for … Continue reading

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