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Reasons to hate the Olympics, 4: Beijing 2008

Throughout the last decade people have been being evicted from housing in Beijing to make way for construction projects with little compensation, often accompanied by threats of violence. The Olympics was no exception to this, with UNESCO estimating that 580,000 … Continue reading

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Nice architecture, nice atmosphere

A couple of potential trailers… Spot-on building design. Fêtes. Neat flags on wire. “The grounding of planes had itself taken on the smudgy, irritated quality of the skies which created it, as the long-haul lines, the jugular of the school … Continue reading

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^ click I thought about it at Tiananmen, watching the zou zi screens, thin little digital displays that are everywhere here, enough pixels to represent characters with only slightly jagged edges, ‘walking’ past in bright yellow on the typical black … Continue reading

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… And Now

“Are you ready?” He clambered along the sofa to be right next to Paul. “And remember, I’ve been teaching EFL for years and years. The thing about EFL, or ESL or EAL or whatever a particular school wants to call … Continue reading

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Millions of walls, thought of as paper bills, some accumulating, some reaching up in metal and fibreglass until they lost their partitions, others pockmarked and being measured and driven towards by industrial equipment. It was being decided how they interchanged … Continue reading

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How to Play (2)

click ^ He hadn’t beaten the computer with any consistency, and that was just some flash game, hardly Deep Blue, just a bank of set moves he couldn’t get past, the simulation of something with tactical awareness and the detection … Continue reading

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How to Play

click ^ It struck Gary that one kuai per bet was the perfect amount, for him being cheap and careful with his remaining money, for the two barmen, for the majority of people out there who were playing – right … Continue reading

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