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More on Chai-Na

Seeing as how China is written in Chinese as 中国, (zhongguo, IPA something like /tʂʊ̜ŋ gwɔ/), this means there is the potential for different transcriptions of the Western sounds /ʧaɪnə/ and /ʧi:nɑ/. The ‘proper’ Chinese characters mean ‘middle kingdom’. But … Continue reading

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More Babel

From V: The trek hadn’t been under way more than an hour before one of the blacks began to complain about his feet. They were bleeding, he said. His overseer brought Firefly close in and looked: so they were. Hardly … Continue reading

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The Rise of English

Languages do not fight for survival: A Darwinian scheme of evolution and ramification, of adaptive variation and selective survival, may look credible. Consciously or not, many linguists seem to have worked with such an analogy. But it only masks the … Continue reading

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A lunatic tower was launched at the stars

From Translating in the Dark It seems we must imagine that no literary expression or experience is ultimately unavailable to us; the single individual is not so conditioned by his own language, culture and literature as not to be able … Continue reading

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