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More on Chai-Na

Seeing as how China is written in Chinese as 中国, (zhongguo, IPA something like /tʂʊ̜ŋ gwɔ/), this means there is the potential for different transcriptions of the Western sounds /ʧaɪnə/ and /ʧi:nɑ/. The ‘proper’ Chinese characters mean ‘middle kingdom’. But … Continue reading

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Reasons to hate the Olympics, 4: Beijing 2008

Throughout the last decade people have been being evicted from housing in Beijing to make way for construction projects with little compensation, often accompanied by threats of violence. The Olympics was no exception to this, with UNESCO estimating that 580,000 … Continue reading

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Fringe/ Logical Conclusion (3)

Li Yang’s ‘Crazy English’ method. It involves memorisation and pronunciation practice through repeated, powerful verbalisation – shouting, essentially. I actually think this is probably quite a good way to learn – reading aloud seems to have fallen out of favour … Continue reading

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Fringe/ Logical Conclusion (2)

Tuition fees are between £300 and £1200 a year for forty-five minute classes, and on top of that needs to be added the inevitable splurges on merchandising and software that it all drives towards. The fetishing of new learning technologies, … Continue reading

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Words change

A review of Yu Hua’s China in Ten Words

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Yu Hua on the role of English in China

“The mass movement that had begun to sweep across the country quickly subsided amid the gunfire on the morning of June 4. In October of that year, when I visited Peking University, I found myself in a different world, where … Continue reading

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More on high-tech factories

“When his days ended, he would retreat to a small bedroom just big enough for a mattress, wardrobe and a desk where he obsessively played an online game called Fight the Landlord.”

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