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Fringe/ Logical Conclusion (2)

Tuition fees are between £300 and £1200 a year for forty-five minute classes, and on top of that needs to be added the inevitable splurges on merchandising and software that it all drives towards. The fetishing of new learning technologies, … Continue reading

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Fringe/ Logical Conclusion (1)

Mormon Temple, Seoul Following on from its conversion drives in Latin America which used the same technique (e.g. 1880s Mexico, 1930s Argentina, 1970s Bolivia), the Mormon church is currently using free English lessons as a means to proselytise in South … Continue reading

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Currently reading

Amitav Ghosh – The Glass Palace. Nineteenth and twentieth century reimagining of Burmese and Indian history, with long descriptions of the harvest and trade of teak, oil, rubber, and so on, which are both beautifully written and pretty terrifying. Juan … Continue reading

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Groundless Cynicism

My long review of A.P.R. Howatt’s A History of English Language Teaching is here

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English Droid

Lots of material here about the English teaching world. Possibly slightly exaggerated.

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